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As I was looking over my friends posts on facebook, this morning I saw one friend posted an article about vaccines. There are three things I am very passionate about, the first being health, and the other two being nutrition and vaccines. I started reading the post about vaccines, and I started to get a little fired up. When I see an article about how wonderful vaccines are, and how many lives they saved, and how the responsible parents are ones that vaccinate their children. I have to respond. When it comes to the vaccine issue, if I can get one person to think twice about the issue, then I’m happy. In college for my writing class, my final project was a paper on the efficiency of vaccines. How did I become so anti-vaccine? My personal health and my dogs. Do I think vaccines impacted my health as a chid? I don’t think they made me any healthier and maybe they did cause some issues. I have two dogs, and I have fostered numerous dogs, and pets today are not healthy, which I think is a combination of bad breeding, kibble and vaccines.

So the article is titled:
No vaccine-autism link: Get kids shots

The article is written by a physician, guess what kind? A Pediatrician! I wonder how much money he makes every year by administering vaccines.

He starts the article saying how happy he is that his children can run around a park, and not worry about contracting a disease. That 60 years ago, his child might have picked up some life-threatening disease such as polio, or measles, and thank goodness vaccines are around to prevent these nasty diseases. Well I have a question for this doctor, what proof do we have that vaccines have prevented these deadly diseases? Is it that we’ve been told time and time again, that vaccines prevent disease? Let’s look at a little study that can be found HERE and HERE. These charts show that the deaths from these diseases decreased before the vaccines were released. Some people think the charts are bullshit. The thing is we can all find data to back up our ideas. I can show you a chart that says it wasn’t vaccines that saved lives and you can show me a chart from the CDC that states the opposite, that vaccines did save lives just look at this chart from the CDC. This is something that I am very passionate about, and you will find others who are very pro-vaccine, and you have to realize that there is no point in arguing with them. Otherwise you have two people throwing out data, and neither one is listening to the other.

I really do enjoy this part of the article: “In 2008, a San Diego, California, child, whose parents had refused to vaccinate him, returned from vacation with measles, exposing children too young to be vaccinated to the disease. Any child who had been exposed had to be quarantined for several weeks at home. No school. No park. No sports.” Your telling me the kids were not allowed to go to school, that they had to stay home!! How awful, that must have been! I’m sure they were allowed out in the back yard right? So they probably spent the two weeks playing and watching tv. Goodness gracious the things children have to go through, and to think had they just been injected with a little needle, they wouldn’t have missed school, and they could have played sports. Wait a minute, according to the vaccine should be given on or after the first birthday. So that means one year olds couldn’t play sports? How many one-year olds do you know playing soccer, and other sports, and how many kids that age are in school? Maybe he meant they hadn’t had their second shot, either way, I find that to be a very weak argument for vaccinating children.

Here’s another excerpt from the article: In early 2009, a child in rural Minnesota died from meningitis caused by the bacteria Haemophilus influenzae. His parents had refused to vaccinate him against the disease. Four other children were hospitalized with the exact same disease. Two of those were also children of parents who had refused vaccines. The fourth was a 5-month-old baby who was just too young to have been completely immunized. The fifth was a child who has an immune deficiency.

Let’s review this information, 5 children had meningitis, one died, 4 others were hospitalized and they survived. The fifth child had an immune deficiency, he had to be vaccinated or else they would have blamed it on him not being vaccinated so the vaccine didn’t work. Two of the other children who were not vaccinated contracted the disease and they survived, good for them! They must have had a strong enough immune system to fight the disease. He states that the infant who was too young to be completely immunized, now the vaccine for this diseases is the Hib vaccine, and it is recommended that it be administered at the age of 2 and 4 months, and then at 12 and 15 months. So this infant may have had two rounds of the Hib vaccine, shouldn’t that be enough to protect him from getting the disease? I guess not. Now for the child that passed away, how healthy was he before he got sick? Do we know that? No we don’t, maybe he was perfectly healthy, and maybe he wasn’t.

He ends with this: And if you decide, as I hope you do, to protect your children against these deadly diseases, then you’ll be choosing health. You’ll be choosing health for your child and family. You’ll be choosing health for your community, because every child who’s vaccinated helps to create an ecosystem of protection for those too young to get shots. You’ll be choosing to keep your kids out of my doctor’s office and keep them on that playground, in school, on that soccer field, which is right where they belong.”

Wait I’ll be keeping my child out of the doctors office, if I have them vaccinated? Don’t I need to go to the doctors office to have my child vaccinated? And another thing, I was fully vaccinated as a child, would you like to know how many times I went to the doctor as a child? I was born in March of 1983, from  April of 1983 until April 1985, I went to the doctor 12 times, and those were not the times that I went to be vaccinated. From May 1986 to August of 1988 I went 14 times. Thank goodness I was vaccinated so I didn’t have to go to the doctors office! HA!

I found an article that talks about autism and vaccines from The Huffington Post

In the article is says: The Vaccine Court, in other words, seems quite willing to award millions of dollars in taxpayer funded compensation to vaccine-injured autistic children, so long as they don’t have to call the injury by the loaded term “autism.” Isn’t that amazing? If you go to court and say your child was injured from vaccines, but don’t say it caused autism, your more likely to get money??

One last thing if you think all this research is bullshit, talk to someone who’s experienced it. There are quite a few mothers out there who took their child to be vaccinated, and saw signs of autism after being vaccinated. Does it mean it that vaccines cause autism? No Do I think it can lead to autism? I do.

The last thing is SIDS, I know someone who lost her child to SIDS years ago. I don’t know if the child was vaccinated a day or maybe even a couple days before hand, but I wonder. I was reading my old letters from a friend and years ago she did a walk for a family who lost their child to SIDS. She told me that the child passed away on the way back from a doctor’s visit. That the doctor said the child was healthy, my first thought when reading that was, I bet you that child was at a check-up to receive his monthly vaccines. Read the stories of women who lost their children after being vaccinated to SIDS: Think Twice.

The purpose of this post, is not to tell you whether or not you should vaccinate your child, but that you do your own research. That you don’t trust what the government and the doctors tell you is the right thing to do. That you decide for yourself are vaccines harmless? Look at how many vaccines we gave in 1983 and how many we give now? Here’s 1983 and here’s todays schedule. All I know is I’m not going to allow my child to be a science experiment. I personally think the best defense against disease is a strong immune system, and to me that means that I have to be incredibly healthy when I conceive, that I will eat the most nourishing foods during my pregnancy, even if that means eating liver once or twice a week. That my child will be breast-fed, I’m not sure how long I will breast-fed, but I plan on doing it for a minimum of two years. That when my child is old enough and ready I will offer nourishing foods such as egg yolks, butter, bone broths and liver. Yes Liver. Dr. Thomas Cowan has an article titled: Feeding Our Children another great resource is Nourishing Our Children. I could post a bunch of links about how dangerous vaccines are, but I want you to do your own research. See what you find, and don’t do something because your scared of what might happen, do it because in your heart you know your doing the right thing.

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