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Dietary Restictions

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I went to a coffee shop with a friend this week, and I ordered my usual iced green tea, and he had a cold coffee drink with milk in it. I said to him aren’t you allergic to dairy? His reply yeah, but I enjoy it so I allow myself to have dairy when I want it. He says to me, I know you want some. I told him that I hate coffee it makes me jittery, so no I don’t want any. He thinks I’m paranoid about food, and told me that I don’t enjoy life as much as him because I’m focused on eating healthy foods and avoiding certain things. I’ll admit there are things that I miss, the number one thing being dairy, particularly sour cream and butter. Hopefully once I’m healthier and the gut is repaired I will be able to consume these things again, but if not then so what? I would rather not eat certain foods have great skin, feel healthy, have energy, and not have digestive issues. To me that’s worth missing out on certain foods. I have to admit though there are times when I see people eating certain things such as ice cream, and I think I wish I could eat that, I wish I didn’t have these dietary restrictions.

I said to my friend everyone’s health is a different priority his is probably a 6 or a 7 on a scale of 1-10. for me it’s #1. I said to him until you have gotten to the point that I am, you don’t realize how important good health is. Another thing is he has bad breath which I haven’t brought up, because I think of what I learned in HLC 1 which is if you smell bad on the outside imagine how you smell on the inside? How do you tell someone that they have bad breath when you know the issue isn’t a breath freshener deficiency and a sign of bad health?

An update on my personal health: I re-tested for the parasite infection, and should get the results in one to two weeks. Next Sunday I’ll be doing the adrenal test(saliva) to test my cortisol levels, along with testing two different hormones via a blood prick which I am not looking forward to. I haven’t been feeling any better, so I’m hoping the parasite is gone, and the adrenal test will help reveal why I still don’t have energy.

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