This is a long difficult journey

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I have been miserable, and I mean on a scale on 1 to 10, I’ve been a 10. A little more then a month ago I had this rash on the back of my neck. It wasn’t too bad. It didn’t bother me and it wasn’t noticable, until this past weekend. I don’t know what happened but my skin became much worse. Saturday night I had a hard time falling asleep, it was hot that day and it itensified the discomfort that I was experiencing with the rash, I had a difficult time not scratching. Sunday I noticed my left ear was bothering me I looked in the mirror and it was red. It was itchy all day. Now both of my ears are red, and when I go to bed if I lay down on my left ear its tender, there’s a little pain. Then there’s the hair loss. When I showered Monday morning and I combed my hair in the shower as I always do, I looked at the hair that came out and just thought how am I still losing so much hair? It’s been a tough week.

I was hesitant to e-mail my health care practioner, I didn’t want to send her an email telling her how awful I’ve been feeling. I feel like I’m not doing something right or I’m not doing enough. I’ve been pretty good about following the diet, I’ll eat rice twice a month when I go out for Indian. I did eat some cherries a couple weeks ago, I love cherries, they are probably my favorite fruit. I know that by the time I’m allowed to eat cherries, they won’t be at the market anymore. So I went a little crazy eating cherries. I then realized that the more I go off the diet the longer I will be on the diet.

So my health care practitioner told me that she wanted to talk to me on the phone, and I felt like I was in trouble. One of the reasons I picked the place I did is that there are two people in the office, and I had a feeling I might be a difficult client. I had my phone consult with her and she spoke with her husband another health care practitioner about me. She is completely changing my protocol. When people have gut issues the proper way to treat them is the 4R’s Remove, Replace, Rejuvenate, and Repair. So she’s going to have me do a little bit of everything at once, I’m still taking my anti-fungal supplements. I’ve been taking digestive enzymes to help me digest my food and I’m going to start taking a probiotic and I have to drink aloe vera juice and take another supplement to help heal my gut. People get stuck thinking there’s one way to do things, and I’m proof that following the typical protocol doesn’t always work, sometimes you have to mix things up a bit. We talked about the rash, and she thinks that the rash has more to do with yeast die-off. I know in homeopathy they say the body heals itself from the inside and pushes things outwards, so if you have skin eruptions that means your body is pushing the illness out.

I went blueberry picking today, picked a pound and a half of blueberries. I did the pulse testing with blueberries and my pulse shot up 12 points so I froze all of the blueberries, and will try eating some in a week and a half and see if I’m still sensitive. I feel like I’ve been eating too much fruit, so I’m thinking of removing all berries for a week and just eat green apples and maybe a grapefruit. The rash has gotten so bad that it’s spreading to the front of my neck. I don’t want to leave the house because I’m embarrassed of how I look. Just my shirt touching the rash irritates it. I just have to remind myself that this is temporary, that it will go away. I just hope it goes away sooner then later. I’m going to increase my detox baths, hoping that it will help me get rid of this rash.  The other thing is I try and stay positive, I know that the moment I think I’m not going to improve that I’m stuck feeling this way then it’s over, I won’t get better. Energy wise, I felt better yesterday then I have in a long time, I didn’t feel as tired as I have been, and in the night time I actually wanted and felt like exercising. I really felt the need to do some yoga, so I turned on the Wii fit and did a couple yoga poses, then I did the step exercise and then took the dogs for their walk. I know that one of these days I’m going to wake up and not want to stay in bed for another 30 minutes, that I’ll wake up excited to start my day. I wonder what that will feel like, and that’s something that keeps me motivated.


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