Parasite, Yeast Overgrowth or Bacterial Infection?

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Last year I was positive that I had candida. I took the candida quiz and my result was between 60-139. Which means: If you are a woman, Yeast-connected health problems are possibly present. I had friends tell me that I had symptoms of candida and that I should do the diet. I self-diagnosed myself as having candida. After listening to friends tell me that it sounded like I had candida, I decided to take the plunge and go on Bee’s Candida diet. Which is incredibly extreme all your allowed to eat is meat, eggs, butter, vegetables and nuts. Your not allowed to eat carrots, or winter squash or any fruit such as green apples. I took the supplements and endured the hunger pains.

Last year in April I had an appointment with a homeopath, who told me to go off the diet. She didn’t believe in candida. So I went off the diet, after being on it for a little over a month. This year when I started working with my holistic health care practitioner, she thought I could still have an H.Pylori infection since I was diagnosed with H.Pylori in 2006, and was never re-tested. Of course it turned out that the one thing I didn’t suspect was what I had. It made me realize that you can’t self-diagnose yourself, nor can your friends or family members(as well meaning as they are). Had I stuck with the candida diet, I probably wouldn’t have seen much if any improvement.

Everyone is on google plugging in their symptoms self-diagnosing themselves. They take the self-tests in books to diagnose themselves. They are positive that they found the answer to their health problems. How many people walk into the their doctors office tell the doctor I have such and such illness, so please prescribe this for me? Where the issue could be something completely different then what they thought it was. I also feel that individuals and health care practitioners learn about something and think everyone has it. Maybe one year candida’s the big topic, then next year it’s H.Pylori. So you automatically suspect that yourself or your clients have these illnesses, without testing for them. Symptoms that parasites and candida overgrowth have in common are: diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, gas, difficulty sleeping. Making it difficult to diagnose a illness by taking a quiz.

The point of this blog post? Quit trying to diagnose yourself and others! As expensive as the GI test was, I am so happy that I had it done. For without it, I wouldn’t be able to start the healing process.


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