My first duck

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I have been wanting to cook a duck for over a year. I roast a chicken 2-3 times a month and as much as I love a roasted chicken I need to change up my diet. I tried duck for the first time last month and thought it was wonderful! I went to the market and I was in luck there was one duck left. I researched recipes the day before. I found a lot of recipes that use oranges which I can’t eat right now and then I found a recipe with apples, so after picking up the duck I purchased 5 or 6 visually distressed apples.

I found the recipe here:

I washed the duck covered it with salt, pepper and marjoram. I cut up the apples and put them inside the duck and took some tooth picks and closed it up. The recipe says to cook it at 400 and that it usually takes 2-3 hours for a 7 pound chicken. Mine was about 5 pounds so I figured it would take 2 1/2 hours. I cooked it in my cast iron skillet which made basting it pretty easy. After an hour of cooking I started basting it and basted it every 15 minutes. Since it has a handle I just tipped it slightly and sucked up the duck juices. I checked the temperature after it had been in there for almost 2 hours and let’s just say I should have checked it 20-30 minutes prior. According to my notes it should have been 170, it was 190 or so. I only cooked 1 1/2 apples outside of the chicken, next time I will roast 3 apples outside of the chicken. Overall I was pleased with the duck, at first it didn’t taste like it was overcooked and the skin was nice and crispy. Later when I was cutting up the rest of it I noticed that it was a little dry. Next time I will have to start checking the temperature after an hour and fifteen minutes. I think I’ll start purchasing a duck every other month to add more variety to my diet and I really enjoy the taste of duck.

After the duck was finished I saved the duck fat. I took a glass container placed a coffee filter in it and folded it over the glass bowl and put a rubber band around it. It took a while for the fat to drip through so I put a lid on it and let it filter overnight. You can use it to cook your eggs in, or I was thinking of using it the next time I make chicken. Since I can’t have butter right now I’m thinking of coating the chicken with the duck fat before I put it in the oven. In fact I think I will try that this upcoming weekend. I thought of something else to use it, mayonnaise. I have never made my own mayo, but maybe next I make a duck I’ll use the fat to make my own mayonnaise. Some other things you could use it for are to cook french fries in it, or make popcorn cooking it in the fat.


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