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Trip to San Diego

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I should mention that I didn’t spend a lot of time proofing this blog post, I need to take the dogs for a walk and start reading for school.

Last Thursday I drove down to San Diego. It was restaurant week, and I was excited to eat at whats supposed to be one of the best restaurants in San Diego, Whisknladle. On my drive down I stopped off to see the holistic health care provider that I am seeing. I dropped off 70 pages or so of paper work all about my medical history, and my first appointment is on Tuesday over the phone. I’m excited, and have a feeling that she will have me tested for adrenal fatigue and some other things.

Whisknladle has a sister restaurant called Prep Kitchen, I ate there last time I went to San Dieo and had their roasted jidori chicken and their Niman Ranch Pork Loin “Porchetta” Pronounced porketta, this dish is Niman Ranch pork loin & belly rubbed with orange, rosemary, garlic & herbs then slow roasted until flaky & tender. They were both amazing, and I couldn’t wait to one day eat at Whisknladle. Both restaurants source humanely raised meat, and I know Whisknladle serves local produce and I think Prep Kitchen does also.  Whisknladle decided to partake in restaurant week. Restaurant week is when the restaurants offer 3 courses for a fixed price ranging from $20-$40. For the appetizer, main course and dessert you have three options to pick from.

Whisknladle decided to not limit their menu and you were allowed to order anything off the menu. Which made ordering very difficult. When the server brought out the bread and butter, the butter did not look like any type of butter I had seen before. I don’t usually eat the bread since I try to avoid white bread. Due to the interesting look of the butter I decided to try it. I had no clue what they put it in after trying it. I later asked the server and he informed me that it’s seaweed, and that it adds a salty flavor.

For my appetizer I decided on the Crispy Duck Confit – kumquat, star anise, pickled shitake & frisee. I have never had duck before, and it was delicious. The meat was cooked perfectly falling off the bone, the flavors were amazing minus the mushrooms. I’ve never enjoyed mushrooms so I pushed them aside. I think I could eat that meal every day for a week and not get sick of it. One of these days I’m going to buy a duck and cook it.

Next was the main course  I decided on the “Sous Vide” Chicken – baby carrots, salsify, parsnip & butternut squash. It was a very big meal. Enough for two people. On top of the chicken they had these butternut squash dried chips. It was really good. If I had to choose between the duck and the chicken, I would have gone duck. The next day though I did heat up the chicken for lunch and it actually tasted better then the night before. I think it had to do with the fact that I hadn’t just ate the duck. Both meals were incredible, one of the best dinners that I’ve had. Now onto dessert.

I was pretty stuffed at this point, but was looking forward to dessert and decided to try the Butterscotch Budino – Fleur de Sel Carmel, Crème Fraiche & Pine Nut Cornmeal Cookie. It was good but it was incredibly sweet. The butterscotch and the cookies were good, but the Fleur de Sel Carmel was intense, it was like sucking on a cube of sugar. Had I tried that dessert a couple years ago I may have enjoyed it more, but since I quit eating junk food, and cut back on sweets I can’t tolerate very sweet desserts like I used to.

My father ordered the Butternut Squash Ravioli – brown butter, sage & Parmigiano Reggiano, which I sampled and was very good. For dessert though he ordered one of the things that I was considering that I should have ordered instead which was their Apple Walnut Bread Pudding – caramelized apples and honey ice cream. It was very delicious and no where near as sweet as my dessert was.

Friday night I went to my regular pizza place there Pizzeria Luigi. I found out about this place one day when I was watching Guy Ferari’s Diner’s Dives and Drive-ins. The pizza place became very popular after the show and they opened up a second location a couple blocks from where my father lives. My favorite pizza there is the pesto one. They usually have about 10 types of pizza when you walk in that you can order by the slice.

Saturday for lunch my father and I went to Sea Rocket Bistro. I’ve been there once before when restaurant week  last occurred they unofficially participated in restaurant week. They are another of San Diego’s restaurants that source local fish, local produce and humanely raised meat. They just started serving lunch this year. I was debating between the lamb burger, the tuna melt and sloppy joes. I hadn’t had a tuna sandwich in years since  I avoid canned tuna, and here is a description of their Tuna Melt – Tuna melt made with sustainably caught American albacore tuna mixed with house made aioli and covered in melted Winchester gouda on toasted ciabatta bread, served with a small side salad. It was good, but not something I would order again. I’m just not a big tuna sandwich person. My father ordered the Old School Fish Sandwich – Pan-seared market fish fillet served on fresh ciabatta bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, chimichurri sauce and a side green salad. It looked really good, he said it was pretty good.

That evening my father and I went to Mama Testa, they were featured on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown for their fish tacos and Mama Testa won. The place was packed, I wanted to try their Yucatecos  3 corn tortilla tacos stuffed with Cochinita Pibil
(marinated pork Yucatán style). Topped with pickled red onions & radishes. Unfortunately they were out. I did have their Sopa Washanware Chicken broth, rice, shredded chicken, tortilla strips, cilantro, lime. It was good a little too salty for me though. We decided on the Asi Yasado – 3 corn tortilla tacos filled with grilled chicken. Served with cilantro, onion & green tomatillo salsa. They were good. They have some other tacos that look interesting one is filled with fried pork skins and another one has beef tongue. I noticed that they had rice pudding for dessert, I never tried rice pudding so gave it a shot, it was okay kind of bland. My father got the flan which I have never had, I thought it was okay.

I went to the Little Italy and Hillcrest farmars market that weekend. I think the Little Italy market is becoming one of my favorite markets. First its dog friendly, so I always bring my Kia with me. Second theirs a stand called Da-Le Ranch that sells grass-fed beef, pork, free range chicken and a couple other types of meat. I picked up a brisket and some breakfast sausage which were both good, and some bacon which I’m excited to try. I noticed on their website that you can visit the ranch, so next time I drive down to San Diego I might see if I can visit.

I started school this week, it’s a distance learning program for nutrition. So I probably won’t be blogging too much other then to update about what’s going on with me health wise. I figured I would end the blog post with what I’m currently reading. I started reading The untold Story of Milk over a year ago and have about a 100 pages left, if you drink milk it’s a must read. I received the Metabolic Typing Diet book for Xmas and have about 100 pages left of that. I might try and do a book review on it. I started reading Joel Salatin’s Everything I want to do is Illegal, but haven’t gotten very far. Last, but not least I started reading Suzanne Somers book Knockout. A must read for anyone who has a friend or family member that has cancer.

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blogging from my iPhone I’m not too good with the touch pad so this will be short. I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I became ill the Wednesday before Xmas and spent a week in bed. I recieved some great gifts for Xmas I recieved my first iPhone, Food Inc., a Le Creuset butter crock, Le Creuset ramkins, a torch and a book on Creme Brulee. I also recieved a handheld blender which I can’t wait to use to make soup. I got Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price and I recieved The Metabolic Typing Diet book which I have begun reading. On Monday the ear infection that had been developing was full blown and I would become incredibly dizzy if I moved my head or got out of bed. I decided to call the doctor and recieved an appoitment for Tuesday morning. The Dr. prescribed three days of antibiotics and some medicine for the dizziness. I am very anti antibiotics so I took a pill for the dizziness and decided to hold off on the antibiotics. The next day I felt better ears were still aching a bit but the dizziness subsided so I decided to hold off on the antibiotics. When I was sick I drank Ginger tea from fresh Ginger added lemon juice and raw honey. I also drank coconut water and kombucha.

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