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I didn’t plan on posting about this. I didn’t plan on writing anything on my blog for awhile. I lost a good friend of mine over the weekend. He was 27 years old. He had been battling a disease, and on Saturday morning exactly two months before his 28th birthday he passed away at his mothers house. I’ve known him for five years. We had been through a lot together. I’ve never lost anyone close to me before. When I found out that I was going back to school, I hoped that he would be better by the time I graduated. He was very intelligent, and would have been a great person to have help me start a business. I admired him, he was incredibly driven and hard working. He started his own business at the age of 22. Earlier this year we hadn’t seen each other for a couple months, I called him up for his birthday, and we started hanging out again. We talked almost every day. At the beginning of the year my eczema was really bad, I had this rash on my neck, and I had been losing my hair for a year and a half and had no idea why. I was miserable and depressed. Hanging out with him was the highlight of my day. I always looked forward to hearing from him. I didn’t think this year could get any worse. I put down a dog of mine October 29th. I lost my job in September. I knew my friend may not be able to recover from the disease that he had, but I still had hope, and remembered that before this he was a very strong determined individual who could accomplish anything, and I thought that would help him get better. He gave me a Christmas card two years, first and last time he ever wrote anything to me, and I think I almost cried when I read it, it was such a sweet note. The last sentence was “always remember the good times in life.” A couple weeks ago I started a letter to him, and would write every couple days, I wasn’t sure if I would ever give it to him, but now I am continuing the letter, trying to write down as many memories that we had together, afraid that one day I will forget them.

Dustin and I


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