Lacto-Fermented Soda(No Kefir Grains)

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When I went to the San Francisco farmers market back in September, I was eager to stop by the Eatwell soda booth for their lacto-fermented soda. When I excitedly found their booth they had three flavors: apple, strawberry, and lemon verbena. You could order a flight and try all three which I did. Flight of lacto-fermented soda. The lemon verbena was my favorite, they use their own lemon verbena hydrosol to make it. I brought my own mug and got a cup of the lemon verbena, and after I finished that up I got a cup of the strawberry. The apple was good, but I preferred the other two flavors. I told the soda maker that I found out about the sodas from a blogger(Becks&Posh) and was excited to come try the sodas, since I wasn’t from the area she gave me a copy of the recipe. I was excited to find a recipe that doesn’t call for kefir grains. I received kefir grains last year from cheeseslave, and  I tried to make a soda once with them, it didn’t turn out so well and I gave up.

First you have to make a base soda and for that you need:

  • 2 cups filtered water(must be chlorine free)
  • 1/2 cup of hydrosol, herbal tea or Fruit Juice
  • 1/4 cup of organic sugar
  • 1/4th cup of Whey

Heat the hydrosol, tea, or juice with sugar just to a simmer. Turn off the heat, add filtered water, mix. When temperature cools to about 100* add whey. Pour into a 1 quart mason jar and seal. Let sit for 2-5 days depending on the ambient temperature. Fermentation will progress more rapidly in warmer weather(the lactobacillus prefer temperatures of about 75* to 82*). Check it daily by loosening the lid a little, if you get a fizzing sound it’s working. After you hear it start to fizz give it an extra day or two. They do warn that the bottle can explode, which is why it’s important to check it every day to release a little gas.Phase 1 Bottled

Phase II Soda

  • Jar of Soda Base
  • 2 cups filtered water
  • 1/4 cup organic sugar
  • 1/2 tsp True Sea Salt
  • 1TB Lemon Juice

In a 4 cup measuring glass combine the soda base with the additional sugar, the sea salt and lemon juice. Using a funnel pour equal portions into clean soda bottles or screw top wine bottles. Measure out the filtered water into the same bowl and divide it between the bottles. Cap tightly and leave in a warm spot for 2-5 days. Refrigerate at least one day then enjoy. Transfer to individual bottles for a few days.

The recipe recommends using yogurt whey, I just used the whey from kefir. If you are not making your own yogurt or kefir and need whey purchase a container of yogurt that says “live cultures”. Next you will need some cheesecloth and a bowl. Place the cheesecloth over the bowl and dump one cup of yogurt over the cheesecloth, if you tie it up and let it hang that would work well, or have a bowl that is deep enough where the cheesecloth can fall into the bowl but it doesn’t touch the bottom of it and secure the cheesecloth so it won’t fall in. Let it drip overnight, the whey will be in the bowl. In the cheesecloth you will have yogurt cheese which you could put on waffles, or pancakes.

I used apple cider for mine, and it tasted like a wine cooler. Which could have been due to me using apple cider rather then juice, or I let it sit for too long.  Once I bottled it I let it sit for 5 days and it was warm then, now that the temperature has dropped 10 degrees or so, it might be okay to sit for 5 days. I think the next time I make it I will using cranberry juice.

Why Lacto-Fermented Sodas? Cultured sodas are a great source of probiotic enzymes and electrolytes. Since the soda uses whey which is a live probiotic it helps maintain a healthy intestinal micro flora.

In”Nourishing Traditions” Sally Fallon writes “These beverages give a lift to the tire body by supplying mineral ions depleted through perspiration and contribute to easy and thorough assimilation of our food by supplying lactobacalli, lactic-acid and enzymes. If you want to read more about Drinkwell Sodas their website is here:
They made a cherry soda, using black cherry juice, now that sounds really good!

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday, hosted by Cheeseslave this week.

As you can tell I have some difficulty posting links, if anyone knows how to fix it so the whole sentence isn’t a link let me know.


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19 Responses to “Lacto-Fermented Soda(No Kefir Grains)”

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Oh wow, I’m excited to try this. Thanks for sharing! We drink kefir and kombucha daily, but a change now and then would be nice.

What a great recipe! I always have extra whey around – now that we’re eating mostly grain free I have less use for it so a recipe calling for the quantity in this recipe is perfect! I too haven’t had much luck with kefir (kombucha, yes, but not kefir) and it will be a great trial for my previously-addicted-to-Diet-Coke husband!

I can’t wait to try it! Thank you!


This is fantastic! I definitely want to try and make this soda. I make kefir water soda and kombucha; this would be one more fermented drink I can have for the kids and me!

Look forward to trying this – have just made our first batch of kombucha, which hubby really likes, better than storebought! I am assuming the fruit juice and sugar are measured in cups, as the water and whey are?

Sorry about that, you are correct. I updated the post. I hope you enjoy it!

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well the first keifer I made with whey turned a little moldy, i used a strong green tea maybe to much oil in it. it never fizzed during the first 5 days. I like the flavor of the whey than the keifer grains. do you have any more info on making keifer whey soda leslie

Have you tried making it with fruit juice or just the green tea? I wonder if maybe an herbal tea would work better, and the green tea is too strong. I wish I could be of more help, I haven’t made it in months I’m off dairy right now. Let me know if you try it again and how it turns out.

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Trying to make this now, I used apple juice. I have loads of whey left over from draining my homemade yogurt so I was happy to find this recipe. Thanks so much for posting it!

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[…] make lacto-fermented soda:  This is one of my daughter’s favorites (She like blueberry-pom soda!).  This is […]

Can you use the whey from after I make butter?

Question: instead of putting it into individual containers, I used a half gallon mason jar for the last 5 day period. Would I still do 5 days or would it be more/less?

Sorry it’s taken a few days to me reply, did you let it sit for a few more days or did you refrigerate it? I’m sure it would be fine either way.

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