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I have been having health issues since I was 18 or 19, I became a vegetarian at the age of 17. The first symptom that I noticed was fatigue. When I was in high school I had a ton of energy. I don’t remember exactly when the fatigue hit I think I was 19 I remember going to the gym 3-4 times a week because going to the gym is supposed to increase your energy, and I went for several months and no changes. I saw my primary physician who tested to see if my thyroid was low and she said it was fine, and I didn’t do anything else. I remember when I was 21 or 22 I was going to the gym and after working out for 5 minutes or so I felt dizzy and light headed. I saw my physician who recommended that I see a cardiologist. The Cardiologist ran some tests and found out that I have Mitral Valve Prolapse. MVP is a heart condition where the valve does not close properly and sometimes blood can flow back in.

Symptoms tend to be: (From the Mayo Clinic website)

  • A racing or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, often when lying flat or during physical activity
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain that’s not caused by a heart attack or coronary artery disease

This past week I haven’t been feeling too well, I’ve been feeling lightheaded. The other day it felt like the room was spinning. I have also been having chest pains. I have a history of chest pains, they usually don’t last more then 10 minutes, and aren’t brought on my anything. I was wondering why I wasn’t feeling well, and reading the symptoms I’m wondering if its the MVP.

When I was 21 I started getting nauseous when I read. I saw several doctors who didn’t know what was going on and then my GP referred me to a neurologist who ordered a MRI. The MRI reveled that I have a arachnoid cyst in the left portion of my head which is why there is a bump an inch above my ear. Arachnoid cyst’s usually don’t have any symptoms, and most of them are the result of developmental abnormalities in the brain during the early weeks of pregnancy. I saw doctor after doctor, one doctor thought he had a solution, but it was a short term one. So after hearing multiple doctors tell me I don’t know whats wrong with you and I can’t help you I gave up on Western medicine. In the past couple years though it has been determined that one of the symptoms of having a arachnoid cyst is nausea.

I was under homeopathic care in 2007 and I was using the pill to suppress my periods even though I knew the pill was bad for my health. I didn’t care. Right before my cycle my nausea almost always occurs and it would be 10 times worse. I was in school that year trying to finish my degree in finance. So whatever I could do to lessen the nausea I was going to do. My homeopath told me to go off of it in September and maybe my nausea would improve, well it didn’t and a month or so later I started losing my hair. I did some research and found out that sometimes when women go off the pill it can cause hair loss. In August of last year it had been almost one year since I started losing my hair and there was no improvement, and I was becoming depressed because of it. I hated washing my hair because of how much hair I would lose when combing it, I didn’t like leaving the house, didn’t want anyone to take a picture of me. I decided to call my General Practioner and had some blood work done, including testing for thyroid. I will never forget the phone call with my results. I was driving back from Santa Barbara and I received the call and was told that my blood work came back normal. I broke down, I couldn’t understand how could my blood work be normal and I feel awful, besides the fatigue and hair loss, my hands and feet get cold very easily, I am very forgetful, I feel like I’m not all there, that I’m not thinking clearly. I have a difficult time concentrating or reading a book for very long which is also a symptom of low thyroid. I think this is a common problem with  doctors today, rather then refer me to a endocrinologist who specializes in this type of thing she tells me everything is fine, end of story.

I decided to do some research and came across this wonderful website Stop the Thyroid Madness:

If you think you might have thyroid issues, I highly recommend that website. I found out that when testing for thyroid problems that the Free T4, and Free T3 need to be tested. Most doctors just test for TSH. According to the website the TSH test is useless that people who are experiencing thyroid symptoms will have normal TSH levels. On the website is a list of recommended endocrinologists. I picked one out called the office and was told that there would be a 2 month wait.

I was excited for my first appointment, I felt that I would finally find out what was wrong with me. The doctor tested my calcium, iron, ferritin, B12, Vit D, and Free T3 and T4 levels along with Estradiol, DHEA Sulfate, and Testosterone levels. I found out that my B12 levels were incredibly low, and that I had low iron. My B12 levels were 371 and she wanted them to be at 2000. My total iron level was at 82, and she wanted it to be 150. My ferritin levels were at 21 and she wanted it to bee at 200. Ferritin is a protein that stores iron.  At this point I had been eating meat for a little over a year and probably started eating red meat 6 months ago.  I do think that me being a vegetarian for 7 years depleted my levels. Now for the thyroid results My Free T3 was 3.3, my Free T4 was 1.22. According to Dr. Bruce Rind who wrote a article in Wise Traditions in the Summer of 2009 issue. Optimal levels for the T3 are 3.2-3.3 and for the T4 it’s 1.2-1.3. My doctor had me take 3 B12 tabs they are sub-lingual ones that you put under your tongue, along with Chelated Iron, and she put me on Armour .3. Armour is a thyroid medicine made from the glands of pigs.

My next appointment was in late March. There were zero changes. In fact when I got my blood results, I was a bit surprised. My iron levels dropped to 56, my ferritin levels only went up by 8 to 29. My B12 levels did go up to 23333. My thyroid levels went down my T3 was 2.9, and my T4 was 1.05.  After my initial bottle of chelated iron, I switched to dessicated liver in late February and took it until two months ago. It’s $30 for a one month supply, and the chelated iron is $4 for a month’s supply, money was tight so I switched. The doctor asked if I wanted to increase my thyroid medicine from .3 to .6. I said sure, and I took the .6 for the next couple months.

My next appointment was set for late July. My total iron level was at 57, and my ferritin level went up to 44. My T3 levels were at 3.2 and my Free T4 was at 1.14, yet there were no changes. I decided to go off the thyroid medicine. I had been on it for 8 months and I didn’t see any improvement so I figured it wasn’t worth it.

My last appointment was a week ago, and my total iron is up at 90, and my ferritin levels shot up to 75. My thyroid levels dropped though, my T3 is at 2.8 and my T4 levels are at .95. Since the weather has cooled down, my right hand is frequently cold, and my feet chill easily.

Right now I am charting my temperature. On Dr. Rind’s site at he recommends that you take your temperature three times a day. The first time is three hours after waking up, then three hours after that, and three hours after the second time. You should chart your temperature for at least a week.  The optimal temperature is 98.6. If your temperature graph is up and down then you have adrenal fatigue. If your temperature is low and stable that indicates low thyroid function. Dr. Rind recommends using a Lumniscope Digital thermometer, which I purchased just for this. Today is my sixth day taking my temperature. Based on my graph it looks like I have adrenal fatigue. In the WAPF journal Dr. Rind writes “Another way of looking at this thyroid-adrenal relationship is to think of the thyroid as “generating” the energy while the adrenals need to be able to “handle” the energy.” If one has weak adrenals and low thyroid, then adrenal repair is the first thing to work on. In the article Dr. Rind states that if the adrenals are weak that taking thyroid medicine will have little improvement, and increasing the dose offers little to no benefit. In a later post I will write about what adrenal fatigue is and how to repair it along with restoring thyroid function.


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