Pumpkin Ice Cream

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I was out driving around and wanted some pumpkin ice cream, I thought of stopping off at Marble Slab to see if they had any, but decided I would make my own. I try not to eat ice cream too often, and thought by making my own it would be healthier since I would be using organic milk and use a sweetener other then sugar.  I went to Trader Joe’s and stood in front of the dairy case, trying to decide what to purchase. I am a raw milk drinker, but raw cream costs $11, which is too much for me. I wanted heavy cream, but they didn’t have any. They had organic heavy whipping cream and organic half and half. Last time I used heavy whipping cream, I didn’t like the finished product it was really sweet, and I think using whipping cream added to the sweetness. So I settled on the half and half. I purchased organic pumpkin, and I bought Organic Maple Syrup for the first time. I decided to put the pumpkin mixture into the freezer so my ingredients would be as cold as possible. Not a good idea, after 20 minutes it started to freeze and clump up. I had 2 cups of half and half probably put in a cup of organic pumpkin, and then I put in maple syrup. I have never made anything with maple syrup before, but thought the flavor would do well with pumpkin ice cream. I put in 1/3rd of cup. I then put in a little over 2 tablespoons of whipped honey with Cinnamon and a couple drops of regular honey. I personally don’t think regular honey mixes well with ice cream it clumps up and doesn’t mix well like maple syrup or whipped honey.  I then added a little over a teaspoon of pumpkin pie mix.

And away it went into the ice cream maker.  The result: Not good! My first mistake was using half and half. I have now learned the lesson that when making ice cream only use cream!  I actually saw some Organic Cream from Clover at Whole Foods today and have decided that next time I make ice cream, I am going to use their cream. When I was in the bay area I saw a lot cows out on pasture, and know that most of the farms sell their milk to Clover. I remember reading online that sugar produces the best ice cream, so maybe next time I will use organic sugar, or possibly coconut sugar. I have never made anything with coconut sugar and wonder how ice cream would taste with it.

After making the ice cream I opened up my Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream book. They have a very nice butterfat chart showing that Heavy cream is 36% butterfat and that Half and Half is 10 1/2 to 18% butterfat. In the book under Sweeteners it says that “Because of maple syrup’s high water content, it will dilute the concentration of butterfat in the ice cream mix and affect the final richness and texture of the finished product.” That if you use maple syrup you should mix it in with a dairy product that has the highest butterfat content.

When I made my ice cream I did not use any egg yolks, I only had a couple eggs and thought I would be fine without it. In the Ben and Jerry’s book they talk about how eggs are an emulsifier,  they add texture, increases its whipping ability and it stores better. When I started making the ice cream, I thought to myself if this doesn’t turn out I will just add it to my smoothies. I have started making kefir smoothies again and add a spoonful or two of the ice cream with 1/4th of a banana.

The next day I did go to McConnell’s and got a scoop of pumpkin ice cream, and it was amazing.


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Butter is also an emulsifier & really seems to help with the texture – I too am on a quest for the ‘perfect’ raw dairy ice cream! I always use egg yolks & have mostly used honey, with seems to really want to be heated slightly, again with the texture! Good luck! 😉 Congrats on the blog!

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